About Me

Saurabh Mukherjee

Photography is the most important part of my journey to discover the life , to capture the flow of what heart feels and sees in a captured moment.

I’ve done this website to show you what I do, what I love and who I am.

Let me introduce myself. I was born in Tirat, a small village in west Bengal, India. I have started photography at the age of 25 . Since then I have dedicated my life to photography. I am working with different fashion brands and agencies along with my own creativity in creative model portfolios, fashion , fine art and wedding.

I’ve always been in love with every single thing that involves fashion. In my work I try to follow an attractive and minimalist line,being consistent with my own style.

I am also eager to work with creative people from different part of the globe to create a photography signature of my own.

Feel free to contact me so that we can make the magic happen.